Supporting charitable projects in Hull and East Yorkshire

About our trust

Our Trust was established in 1985 with the defined purpose of donating funds to help and support charities, both national and local, and other deserving causes, provided that direct benefit was forthcoming for people who live in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire.


Awarded in the past year


Charities supported


Years of support


Total funds awarded

We do fund

Music and arts projects, especially those that involve people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Community projects especially those that support residents in marginalised groups in the area.

Purchase of equipment materials.

Support for children to attends trips from schools / groups in disadvantaged areas.

Requests from notable buildings with a good level of community use.

Significant community projects demanding major funding, support may be given by way of a pledge, payment conditional upon all other funding sources being agreed.

We don't fund

Projects that are for political, religious or educational purposes.

Projects that are not focused in Hull & East Yorkshire.

Applications from overseas.

Appeals from individuals unless under 18 for visits with a leading organisation.

Animal charities unless the project provides a direct human benefit.

National charities unless a project has a local focus.

20th October 2024 Next funding application deadline