How to Apply

Wherever possible, each request must include the following information:-

  1. A brief history of the applicant/organisation and the relevant development strategy.
  2. Where relevant, both company and charity registration numbers.
  3. A copy of the most recent financial accounts of the applicant.
  4. A detailed description of the project or activity.
  5. Provision of a detailed cost breakdown/ budget for the use of funds.
  6. Where the applicant is a national organisation, details of historic activity providing specific benefit for Hull and/or East Riding residents.
  7. Strategy for fundraising and other potential sources of support being pursued.
  8. Contribution from own fund raising activities.
  9. Description of the benefit being provided for local people and the numbers who are projected to enjoy the benefit.
  10. Future viability of the activity or project.
  11. Full postal address and post code.
  12. Email address.
  13. Organisation, or home, telephone number and mobile number of person writing the letter.
  14. Bank sort code and account number, and name of the bank account holder.